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River Spirit Casino

River Spirit Casino is an Oklahoma gambling house that opened in 2016. The online casino is a winner of numerous awards, and the gambling establishment is a 200,000+ square foot facility for player ambitions and recreation. The casino also features 3,000+ slot machines, poker tables, table games, tournaments and raffles. The casino offers a wide range of services optimized for the needs of visitors. The age limit at the gambling establishment is 18+.

Features of River Spirit casino

River Spirit casino review. Sign Up. The casino offers players an assortment of electronic floor games of the classic sample and modern slot machines. To win money at the casino, you will need to become its official client. To do this, you need to show a valid ID to a casino representative.

Playing at the tables and slot machines, River Spirit indian casinos guests earn points, which can later be exchanged for money. To start earning points at the machines, insert your customer card in the selected electronic game. When playing at the tables, you need to show your card to the dealer. You can do this in poker rooms and at other table games tables.

Poker room and casino table games are designed for beginners and professionals; they differ in betting limits. Among the casino games are classic blackjack, crepes, roulette, 21+3, Texas Hold'em, as well as mini-baccarat and blackjack with free bets.

Bonus Program

The gambling establishment has a tiered bonus program. Casino guests receive benefits at each level. The right to participate in promotions River Spirit is given already from the first level. Upon reaching level 2, guests receive discounts at local restaurants and cafes and the ability to place bets at the casino's expense. Each new level brings new benefits - cashback, deposit bonuses and so on.

Restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic

Due to the covid pandemic, there are rules for visiting the gambling club for guests. Visitors to the casino must wear a mask while on the premises. The casino recommends disinfecting hands before entering, using the sanitizers offered by the administration to do so. At River Spirit, it is necessary to keep a distance of at least 2 meters between visitors. At the entrance to the casino, it is mandatory to measure the temperature of the guests. Open areas of the gambling club are allowed to visit without masks. It is unnecessary to wear a mask when playing slot machines if there are no other visitors near the player.

Mobile application River Spirit

River Spirit casino review. Sign Up. Players who live far from River Spirit Casino will enjoy the benefits of the free mobile app. The River Spirit casino app offers users detailed information about the casino and bonus programs. It also features high-frequency GPS indoor navigation, free games and announcements of upcoming events. There is a link to the establishment's help center through the app, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Where is River Spirit casino?
River Spirit Casino in south Tulsa, in the heart of the bustling business districts, is on the Arkansas River banks. The address of the gambling establishment is 8330 Riverside Pkwy, Tulsa, OK 74137. River Spirit has several restaurants and entertainment venues, sports bars and a hotel, stores, a conference center, theater and more. Contacts for contacting the administration: tel. 1-888-748-3731.