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How many betting positions are there on a baccarat table

The game of aristocrats - baccarat! Previously, to spend time for gambling card game could only be a nobleman. They gathered in the evening in a close circle and began to play with each other. A more modern version that uses most often - a gamer plays against the establishment.

Baccarat table.At the heart of the created legend of the origin of fun, lies the ancient ritual of worship of the great nine gods. Playing in baccarat, the fate of many young girls was decided. If the young beauty scored the maximum number of points - became a priestess, the minimum - had to sink into the sea. The principle of the game is preserved. We are lucky that the rates are not so dangerous for life. And, in the game now, mostly men are amused.

How to play baccarat online? Is it worth it to play for money or better for free? What are the basic rules of the game? How many bets are in the baccarat table? Let's try to answer these questions.

Rules of the game

The rules for playing baccarat are very simple and even beginners will understand. The main goal is to score nine points. If it does not work out, at least an approximate combination to this figure. According to the main provisions, the figures and suits do not matter and do not give balls. Only the ace gives one point. Cards from 2 to 9 are counted at face value.

What should I do when a player types more than ten, for example, thirteen? Of the total number of points, a dozen is taken away, and the remainder is considered the result. Approximately, it looks like this: 7 + 6 = 13-10 = 3

Playing baccarat online is interesting and easy. The online casino takes care of the player to learn the rules, make the right bets and enjoy the game. You must decide for yourself whether to play for free or for money. Both options are available on the network.

How many bets in the baccarat table

As for the bets in this entertaining game, it can be done to win the player. It is paid in the ratio of one to one, if the gamer scored more points than the dealer. The bet on the bank also takes place in baccarat. Payment is made in the calculation of 1: 1, but you need to pay 5% commission in favor of the casino.

The bet on a draw (and this also happens in unpredictable baccarat) is paid in relation to 9 to 1. In some gaming establishments - 8 to 1. There are options for fun where you can make mixed bets:

  • The player's hand and draw.
  • To the dealer's hand and draw.

There is no extra bet in gambling baccarat - to win the player and the banker. This is nonsense. Having only three basic bets and two mixed, the game is still considered very entertaining and original. The rules are simple, because they are predetermined and must be strictly followed.

Spending time for baccarat, minutes pass quickly and fascinatingly. Gamer and casino have the same chance of winning. Strategies leading to victory have been described more than once in books about gambling. But, their inefficiency has long been brought.